At Laxmi, eye health is prime to us and therefore we offer holistic eye care services:


Cataract is the leading cause of low vision worldwide and a significant cause of preventable blindness in India.

Laxmi offers the best-in-class diagnostic equipment and sophisticated treatment techniques by expert cataract surgeons. Our cataract clinic is headed by Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar, our Founder Director who has 40 years of unsurpassed experience in eye care. Today, we are one of the most preferred centres for the advanced treatment for cataract.

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Laser vision correction has evolved over years. Today patients have a range of options for the procedure, depending on the condition of their eyes and their vision goals.

Yet vision correction should not be taken casually, as sight is a valued possession. That is why, Refractive Specialists at Laxmi have a 360 degree approach and a range of solutions to reduce your dependence on spectacles and ensure eye health.

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Disease, infection and sometimes injury can damage the cornea and cause poor vision. It is, in fact, a major cause of curable blindness globally.

At Laxmi, we not only have super specialised and ably trained experts to offer you apt individualised treatment plans, but are also supported by Laxmi Eye Bank, the oldest in the region for corneal transplants.

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Our team of General Ophthalmologists examine and treat a broad spectrum of eye conditions. It is a comprehensive eye checkup clinic, handling routine eye examinations as well as assessment of conditions that may require super specialty ophthalmic care.


Contact lens is commonly viewed as a cosmetic changeover to enhance appearance. It is, rather, a medical tool to improve vision quality in varied environments and across a range of activity, including sports.

The Contact Lens Clinic at Laxmi therefore offers an advanced collection of contact lenses like Rose K lenses, ortho-K (night-wear contacts) and scleral contact lenses. Our experts prescribe and fit patients with the appropriate contact lenses suitable to their eye condition, after a detailed examination.


Glaucoma is a condition that causes irreversible vision loss typically due to unusually high pressure in the eye. It is among the top three causes of blindness in India. Unfortunately, people do not notice any change in vision until the condition is in the advanced stages, which is why glaucoma is often referred to as a silent thief of vision.

Regular comprehensive eye checkups are the only way to fight glaucoma vision loss. People at risk include individuals who are over 40 years of age, anyone with a family history of glaucoma, persons having myopia and those with diabetes, hypertension or thyroid.

At Laxmi, we offer complete eye examination, including glaucoma vetting. Our glaucoma experts’ team is headed by Dr. Rita Dhamankar, who is internationally trained and a pioneer in introducing advancements in glaucoma treatment and surgery in our country.

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Retinal damage can be caused by a medical condition like diabetes, due to age or a multiplicity of retinal diseases. If left untreated, these can cause permanent vision loss. Proper diagnosis is the key.

Specialists at Laxmi use state-of-the-art technology coupled with their expertise to provide an apt diagnosis, and are adept in treating any retinal condition, be it diabetic retinopathy, a complex retinal detachment, vein occlusion or any other vitreoretinal disorder.

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Children are quite unlike adults and may not be able to tell what is troubling them. And the same goes for eye conditions and treatment techniques which are unique to children. Besides, many of these conditions like squint and amblyopia (lazy eye) are treatable only in childhood.

Our pediatric clinic is designed and staffed to address the special needs of our little patients. Pediatric experts at Laxmi are backed by extensive training to understand, diagnose and offer a range of treatment suited for your child.


Strabismus, or squint as it is more commonly known is the misalignment of the two eyes arising because of imbalance of muscles, incorrect nerve signals to eye muscles or focusing problems. Squints are more common in children and can lead to other vision loss complications like amblyopia, which can permanently impair vision if not treated in early childhood.

Squint correction is therefore a key focus service at Laxmi, where our experts correct the condition through spectacles, prisms or surgery to ensure binocular vision.


The Laxmi Eye Bank is the oldest and a model eye bank in the Navi Mumbai and Konkan region and has been instrumental in restoring vision to thousands of patients.

Our eye bank offers round the clock facilities for collection and storage of eyes.

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Oculoplasty deals with the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for drooping eyelids, eyelid malpositions, eyelid tumours, orbital and facial bone fractures, blocked tear ducts and rejuvenation procedures for age-related eyelid problems.

Our oculoplasty clinic engages the services of qualified, fellowship trained and experienced surgeons. So when you come for an oculoplastic appointment at Laxmi, you can be sure you are consulting with an expert.


The Neuro ophthalmic clinic focuses on patients experiencing visual disturbances, blurred vision, double vision and abnormal eye movements.

The neuro ophthalmic expertise at Laxmi is well complemented by advanced diagnostic equipment and sensitive staff who understand that these patients require more than clinical services.


Uveitis is inflammation within the uvea, a layer of the eyeball. It can cause recurrent eye redness, pain and even permanent vision loss, if not diagnosed and treated early.

Laxmi is well equipped to diagnose and care for patients with uveitis as well as its complications like cataract, glaucoma or any vitreoretinal condition.


Low vision may not always be treatable medically or even surgically, but can be definitely managed. The advancement in optical aids and special equipment can boost personal mobility.

Experts at Laxmi develop customised plans based on detailed evaluations and individual needs to ensure your vision goals are met.

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